Pemberley Table

HT300 Pemberley Table - a superb looking highly detailed dining table with a refined finish available in 4 standard sizes or can be made to order as required
HT300A 30"H x 84"L x 44"W / 76cmH x 213cmL x 112cm W
HT300B 30"H x 98"L x 44"W / 76cmH x 249cmL x 112cm W
HT300C 30"H x 108"L x 44"W / 76cmH x 274cmL x 112cm W
HT300D 30"H x 130"L x 44"W / 76cmH x 330cmL x 112cm W

Quotation upon request

Table is available with non-storing extension leaves as bespoke option

Timber: Oak top with ash base
Choice of Distress: Light, Medium, Heavy (10% upcharge)

Bespoke sizing available on all products.
Contact us should you require a specific size or change to design
There is a 10% premium for heavy distressing

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