New Walnut Wimbledon Table

HT352C Walnut Wimbledon Dining Table
Our best selling Wimbledon dining table is now available in a new version, a sleek smart walnut finish with metal inlays to the base and around the edge of the top.
The table comes in three contemporary colours: Medium Walnut, Dark Walnut and Smoke Walnut. For the metal inlay choose between Polished brass, Bronze and Stainless steel.
Available in 5 standard sizes as well as bespoke.
30"H x 72"L x 40"W
76cmH x 183cmL x 102cm W
30"H x 84"L x 40"W
76cmH x 213cmL x 102cm W
HT352C (size shown in images)
30"H x 96"L x 40"W
76cmH x 244cmL x 102cm W
30"H x 108"L x 40"W 
76cmH x 274cmL x 102cm W
30"H x 120"L x 40"W 
76cmH x 305cmL x 102cm W


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